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Johan Gadolin Scholarship

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Johan Gadolin Scholarship

The Johan Gadolin Scholarship-programme invites PhD students and post docs to join the Åbo Akademi Process Chemistry Centre for a period between 3 to 12 months in the city of Turku in the south-west of Finland. They participate in ongoing research projects and benefit from an innovative top-level research environment. Scholars from 12 different countries worldwide have participated in the programme.

The Process Chemistry Centre at Åbo Akademi University is looking for capable PhD students and post docs focusing on the areas of:

  • Biofuel combustion and functional inorganic materials
  • Catalysis and kinetics, reaction engineering
  • Chemical aspects of wood, pulping and papermaking, biorefinery
  • Electroactive materials, chemical sensors, environmental and on-line analysis

The following deadline for scholarship applications in April 30th 2011!

Application Deadline : 30 April 2011

Visit official website.

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